Bass Fishing Alabama
Bass Fishing Alabama

The Alabama Rig is one of the newest methods of fishing and has been controversial. It consists of 5 individual baits wired together back
to the main body of the lure and is designed to mimic a small school of baitfish. One of the most appealing characteristics of the Alabama
rig is that you can catch multiple fish on one cast. Most of the rigs are fished with a 1/4oz. to 1oz. jig head paired with a swimming minnow.
It can be fished in open water at any depth. This technique is not allowed in all states so check your state rules before using.

Alabama Rig Setup:

1/4oz.J-Will Jig Head
3.5in. Yum Money

Rod:         7' 10" Extra Heavy Duckett Micro Guide
Reel:        6:6:1 Abu Garcia STX
Line:         Power Pro 65lb. Braid.
Alabama Rig