Bass Fishing Alabama
Bass Fishing Alabama

A drop shot has become one of my favorite rigs because it can be used to catch fish all year long. You can start out fishing it in the Spring
by dropping it along shallow grass lines to target those spawning bass or you can fish it in the Winter in 40 feet of water. You can keep it in
the strike zone as long as you want because the weight sits on the bottom and you just shake the bait in front of the fish. Because the drop
shot is fished on light line and tackle, you can sometimes get bites from those hard to catch bass on highly pressured lakes. Look at the
videos below for knot tying examples and how we like to fish a drop shot in different conditions.

Our Setup:

Rod:         6'10" G. Loomis  Fast Action Shakey Head Rod
Reel:        Shimano Saros 3000F Spinning Reel
Line:         8lb Viscous Fluorocarbon
Drop Shot Bass Fishing