Bass Fishing Alabama

    One of the most important factors in catching big

    bass is not the weather, not the time of year, nor the

    fishing knowledge you have, but the equipment you are

    using. It happens far too often where the fishermen have

    the perfect weather, in the right spot, get the fish to bite,

    and we all know how the story goes, " The big one

    that got away!" So before each fishing trip, I suggest

    that your get fully prepared to catch the big one.

    A few tips:

          - Always check your line after catching a fish to see if there

    are any dinks in the line where a fish may have scraped

    it against a log.

          - Re-tie baits or hook often. Liz and I re-tie our hooks

    up to 10 times apiece some trips.

          - Always use 17 lb test or higher when fishing for big bass.

     If you are fishing in open water with no logs or stumps you

    could possibly drop to 15 or 13 lb test, but I don't recommend it.

           -Reset your drag before each trip. The line should barely come

    out by pulling on it at the face of the reel.

                   Stephen's setup:                                                               Liz's setup:

                      Worm Fishing                                                                    Worm Fishing

    Rod-        7' Medium Heavy Fast Action                                7' Medium Heavy Fast Action
                    G. Loomis IMX                                                          G. Loomis IMX

    Reel-      Pflueger Supreme bait casting                              Bass Pro Shops Pro Qualifier
                    6.3:1 Reel                                                                  6.3:1 Reel

    Line-      Stren 17 lb Super Knot                                             Stren 17 lb Super Knot
                    Monofilament                                                             Monofilament

                      Topwater Fishing

Rod-       7' Medium Action
               St. Croix
Reel-        Lews Team Pro
               7:1:1 Reel

Line-        Stren 17lb Super Knot

Crankbait Fishing

  Rod-        7' Medium
          Quantum Tour KVD

Reel-       Quantum Tour KVD              
                6:6:1 Reel

Line-       Bass Pro Shops
                17lb Fluorocarbon

                      Finesse Fishing

   Rod-         6'10" G. Loomis  Fast Action
           Shakey Head Rod
Reel-        Shimano Stradic         
                CI4 Spinning Reel

Line-        Viscous
                 10lb Fluorocarbon

                      Jig Fishing

   Rod-         7'10" Duckett Extra Heavy
           Micro Magic Rod
Reel-        Abu Garcia MGX

   Line-        65 Pound Power Pro Braid



                                      Take a look at some of our rod and reels in the video below.

Bass Fishing Secrets
Bass Fishing Alabama
Stephen catching a 12 pound largemouth bass
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