Bass Fishing Alabama
Bass Fishing Alabama

A spinnerbait has been around for years and is a great Spring time shallow water technique. I use it when the bass begin moving to their
pre-spawn staging areas and like to fish it near grass. A spinnerbait mimics a shad but many of the strikes are triggered from the
vibrations put off by the blades. The three main types of blades are the Colorado, Indiana, and willow. The willow has the tightest rotation
and puts off the least amount of vibration while the Colorado will displace the most water and has the most vibration. You can vary up your
retrieves by burning it past the fish or slow rolling it near the bottom.

Spinnerbait Setup:

Rod:         7' Medium St. Croix Avid
Reel:        6:3:1 Bass Pro Qualifier
Line:         Bass Pro 17lb Fluorocarbon
Spinnerbaits and Chatterbaits