Bass Fishing Alabama
Bass Fishing Alabama

Top water baits are a favorite technique for almost every angler. Having the fish explode at the surface will get you excited regardless of the
size of the fish. While there are many top water lures, I mainly use three, a popper, a frog, and a buzzbait. Poppers are an excellent choice
in open water when baitfish are present. The popper imitates a wounded shad on the surface and also makes a gulping sound to attract
the bass. A frog is an excellent choice when fishing around grass, weeds, lily pads, or thick wooded cover. It's weedless so you can fish
around all sorts of structure. A buzzbait is a cast and retrieve type bait and makes the constant squeaky buzzing noise as you bring it in.
Buzzbaits are very effective at night and most of the strikes you get from this bait are due to it aggravating the fish.

Top Water Setup:

Rod:         7' Medium S
t. Croix
7:1:1 Lews Team Pro Reel
Line:         Stren 17lb Mono or 65lb Power Pro Braid
Top Water Techniques